10 Habits of Highly Effective Temp Consultants

10 Habits of Highly Effective Temp Consultants

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10 Habits

of Highly Effective

Temp Consultants





Here are the 10 habits shared by the most effective recruiters running a labour hire, temp or contract desk.


1. Keep everything organised
Successful temp consultants keep their minds and their desks incredibly well organised. They know where to find everything they need at the snap of their fingers, whether it’s a form, a phone number or the name of someone who knows.

2. Tailor a time management plan
They not only have a strategy in place for managing their time, but they have one that is tailored to their own personal style and effectiveness for THEIR desk.

3. Create and follow streamlined processes
Great temp consultants create and follow streamlined processes for everything. They understand exactly what needs to be done in what order, and in what fashion, for the highest amount of efficiency AND quality service.

4. Follow a strategy for building resilience
These people are resilient – but they also understand that resilience isn’t a personal trait – it’s a process. They have a strategy for consistently building their resilience for whatever might be thrown at them next.

5. Keep in contact
Great consultants have a touch point program in place for staying in regular contact with their talent community – even when there are no jobs on. They also understand that it’s equally important to stay in contact with clients – and have a program in place for that too.

6. Have an ear to the ground
These consultants always have their ears to the ground, immersed in current events in their industry for leads about where the next round of vacancies are likely to occur.

7. Create job opportunities
They use their industry knowledge to uncover the niche, hard to come by skills that clients will be seeking and look for those skills in every person they meet – and float them immediately upon finding them.

8. Keep the pipeline flowing
When it gets busy, often the last thing to be ticked off the to-do list is business development, but even the busiest of temp recruiters, who are truly successful, will find a way to keep the top of the pipeline filled up with qualified prospects.

9. Review the numbers
A profitable temp desk is achieved by recruiters who know their activity stats, time and resource investments. They understand not only their margins, mark-ups and on-costs, but also the critical difference between revenue and profit.

10. Act as a true consultant
Both clients and candidates come to trust and rely on consultants who actually consult. That is, provide advice and industry insights, continually adding value to the relationship other than just placing bums in seats. There are a lot of recruiters out there, but surprisingly few are truly consultants. And those who are, are the ones with the greatest success.


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