4 Tips to Squeeze Out Another Placement Before Christmas

4 Tips to Squeeze Out Another Placement Before Christmas

4 Tips

to Squeeze Out Another Placement Before Christmas

The festive season is upon us.

Nothing’s going on. Time to throw in the towel. Do some tidying up and admin before the holidays. Right?


There’s time for another win before the end of the year.

If you keep focus through these last weeks, you can add a placement or two to your final year tally.

Below are some myths and tips could really have an affect on your final weeks of the recruiting year.

Myth #1 – The best activity with existing candidates: send out a Christmas e-card

Yes, our existing candidates will appreciate a little bit of love at this time of year – it’s a great way to keep them happy and encourage them to refer us to all of their friends.

But you can gain even more from your existing candidates at this time of year by using the festive season as an opportunity to gather valuable client information.

There could be something happening before Christmas: what’s happening on site? Has your client picked up new business or won a new project? Resignations? New management? What sort of goings-on at their company could indicate a recruitment opportunity for you that needs attention before the break?

TIP: Drop in a call or visit to your existing candidates to wish them a happy festive season – and gather some “insider intel”

Myth #2 – Nobody hires in the week/days before Christmas

There are an unlucky few who lose their jobs or finish their contracts just before Christmas (soulless employers hoping to avoid paying staff over holidays, or genuinely unfortunate ones who don’t have the capacity to keep their employees).

There are also clients who find themselves suddenly in need of some extra hands on deck with an unexpected pre-Christmas rush or staff bailing out at the eleventh hour.

Who’s going to place these candidates and fill these roles?

Not the recruiters who have already mentally checked out for the year, that’s for sure.

TIP: Keep up your business development and candidate care calls, right up to the very last day.

Myth #3 – Clients are too busy/not interested in meeting you until the new year

Is this one really true, or an assumption we keep believing in because everyone says so?

Perhaps the first clients we tried to book a meeting with next week said they’re run off their feet/going on holidays/not willing to talk recruitment until after Christmas – and we decided to hang up our hats and call it a day.

But there are always clients and prospects who have more time than usual at this time of year, who’ll be needing a daily caffeine fix and happy to have a coffee chat with you to discuss what their plans are for next year.

And if we revisit Myth #2 – if they happen to have an unexpected staffing requirement before the year is done, and YOU are the most recent recruiter they’ve spoken to, the one who they KNOW is still working (perhaps the only one who’s made an effort before Christmas), then YOU will be the one they call.

TIP : Book in as many client meetings as you can before the break. Gingerbread latte, anyone

Myth #4 – Potential Candidates aren’t interested in talking about their career right now

LinkedIn tells us that 40% more candidates change jobs in January than in any other month. It is a pretty safe assumption that people considering a career change are right at their tipping point just before their Christmas break. “Collect a Christmas bonus, ride out the holidays and get the hell out of here”.

This is when we need to be front of mind, as their most trusted and valued career advisor. The one who can transition them into their new role.

Let’s visit Myth #2 again – if they find themselves unexpectedly out of work before Christmas, you’ll be right there when they need you!

TIP: Identify your most valuable candidates from the past, & candidates you haven’t yet placed. Get in contact with a genuine interest to discuss their goals for next year; ask if there is a way you can help them achieve it.


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