Best Advice for a Positive Recruitment Sales Mindset

Best Advice for a Positive Recruitment Sales Mindset

The best advice for

Getting into the right head-space for sales calls?

Bouncing back after rejection?

Climbing out of a business development slump?


Do you believe in the value that you offer clients?

Truly believe it?

If you do, you know that they really WILL benefit from working with you – that you are truly helping them and making their life and their business more prosperous.

When you receive knock backs, you will know that it is not a rejection of you or your service, it is another factor (they really don’t need the help right now, they aren’t in the right frame of mind to listen to your value).

The timing will be better next time.

If you are taking a lot of knock backs, if negativity is creeping in, if you find your belief slipping; take some time to articulate (in writing and out loud) the many benefits your next client will gain from working with you.

Then let it sink in.

You got this.

This is a great activity for your next team meeting. Share your thoughts, bounce ideas off each other. Everyone will benefit from the morale boost.

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