Headhunting the Passive Market

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The recruiting game has changed.


Our ability to fill critical positions quickly is still a key driver to our success – but the way in which we do this defines the competitive advantage which eludes recruiters who are still using a traditional recruitment strategy.

Job boards and LinkedIn searches simply aren’t cutting it anymore. We need creativity in our recruitment strategies to attract the best talent… especially ‘hidden’ talent.

Job seeker reports tell us that the large majority of the Australian professionals (up to 80%) are open to a new job opportunity, however most of those (less than 30%) are actively looking for work.

Progressive Recruitment companies need to think strategically about how to tap into this growing passive job seeker network and equip their staff with the skills to engage in effective headhunting activities.


In this webinar you’ll discover

  • Market mapping for passive candidate attraction
  • Identifying key market segments
  • Techniques to gather names and create a referral based candidate strategy
  • Increasing your engagement on LinkedIn and other social media
  • Building a 5 stage script for a head hunt cold call
  • Formulating effective responses to candidate objections
  • Building rapport, trust and commitment quickly


What’s included?

  • Recorded copy of the completed webinar
  • Webinar handout including headhunting checklist and call scripts

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