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Leading the Candidate and Client Process


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Recruitment is about people.

Unpredictable, mind-changing, back-peddling, selective-memory, volatile people.

How often have you dealt with the frustration of a candidate

  • taking a counter offer,
  • not showing for interview,
  • taking a completely different role,
  • being claimed by your competitor, or
  • dropping off the radar completely?

How painful is it when a client

  • fills the role internally,
  • fills it with a competitor,
  • fails to get back to you fast enough to secure a hot candidate,
  • refuses to negotiate a reasonable offer or announces the budget has fallen through/change of mind/the role wasn’t signed off and there’s no longer a vacancy?


If this sounds all too familiar, then you need to join us on our next webinar!

We can’t control people – but we can lead them through a process managed by us on our terms.
We can influence behaviours, identify the dangers and proactively avoid unfavourable outcomes.


In our special two webinar event we gain control over our process through:

  • Understanding why placements fall over
  • Identifying viable candidates and clients
  • Mastering the job order
  • Building relationships with trust
  • Managing expectations
  • Spotting the warning signs
  • Gaining commitment


What’s included?

  • TWO recorded webinars with Chantal Brockman– Principal Trainer of Fusion Training
  • Webinar handout including key resources and post-webinar activities
  • 30 days support from your trainer


View one, view both, have your colleague watch one while you watch the other… it’s up to you.



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