Mastering the First Meeting

Wed 26th July

12pm AEST

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Arguably one of the best parts of a recruiter’s day is when we get out from behind the desk and get out in front of the clients.

Especially the ones we’ve been working with for a while, where the coffee conversation flows freely and we feel completely on top of where we need the meeting to go, and how to get there. We walk away with everything we need, a prosperous action plan in place and our client has more trust in us than ever before.


If only the very first meeting we have with a prospect client could be like that!


It CAN be!

We’ll show you how in this webinar.


We’ll be discussing:

  • Effective planning and preparation for the very first meeting
  • Building rapport – quickly!
  • Conversation starters that really work
  • How to gain information you actually need
  • Features and benefits that get your client excited
  • Handling early objections
  • Building client-centric action plans
  • Creating a business relationship that works for you


What’s included?

  • Live 1hr webinar with Chantal Brockman– Principal Trainer of Fusion Training
  • Recorded copy of the completed webinar
  • Post webinar handout including key resources and post-webinar activities


Can’t make it?
Just book a seat and we will send you the recording and all of the items listed above.

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