Recruiters Guide to Networking

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“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”

Some of the most successful recruiters aren’t the best “salespeople” or the best at controlling process.

They are simply the most networked.

The sort of person who knows EVERYone. The name that everyone is familiar with.


So how do you become that person?
How do you build your own business circles and with it, build your leads, win over your prospects, gain referrals and generate more business?

It all comes down to networking.
But not just attending the events and posting on websites. Effective networking is an art. There are techniques for engaging and securing others into your business circle and becoming the “name” they will go to.

And we have an event where you can discover how.


We will show you how to

• Increase your comfortability with face to face networking
• Be instantly likeable
• Quickly become known and trusted
• Gain leads and referrals
• Discover the best sites, forums and events
• Implement social media engagement strategies
• Build ongoing relationships from first encounters


What’s included?

  • Webinar Recording (51min run time)
  • Webinar handout including additional tips and information on getting the most out of networking
  • 30 days unlimited support

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