Cultivating a Recruitment Sales Mindset

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Your thoughts, attitude and beliefs are incredibly powerful.

Many a talented and successful recruiter has been struck down by call reluctancelost motivationlack of focus and that little voice of negativity that whispers all the reasons you’re not going to succeed.

That little voice stops now.


In this webinar you’ll discover:

  • Characteristics of high performing recruiters
  • True drivers of success
  • The balance of Skill vs Mindset
  • How your brain deletes, distorts and generalises

You’ll achieve breakthrough sales results through our six cornerstones of success:

  • Self-critical analysis
  • Identifying problematic thinking patterns
  • Conditioning new patterns
  • Resilience building techniques
  • Preparing your goals
  • A 21 day New Thinking Plan!


What’s included?

  • Recorded webinar with Chantal Brockman– Principal Trainer of Fusion Training
  • Post webinar handout including key resources and your 21 Day New Thinking Plan
  • 30 days unlimited support



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