Win in Recruitment without Cold Calls


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The likelihood of making a sale off a cold call is less than 3%. In fact industry averages peg it at around 1%. And yet it features heavily in quite a lot of recruiters’ business development plans.

How many of us could say they truly enjoyed cold calling?
How many managers have announced a Cold Calling Blitz to the uproarious cheer of their team?

If it’s not enjoyable, if it takes a lot of effort for minimal return, can we find a better way to spend the precious time we have at our desk?


Wouldn’t it be nice if:

• you could avoid awkward gatekeeper encounters
• when a prospect hears your name they smile and nod in recognition
• your target client truly enjoyed their first conversation with you
• your business development time was creative and enjoyable
• conversion statistics were significantly higher
• “you’re the 10th recruiter to call me today” was something you no longer heard
• prospects approached YOU


All this is possible!

We’ll show you how in our 1 hour lunchtime webinar.


We’ll lead you through:

• Recruitment as a numbers game
• Target list research techniques
• Inbound marketing strategies
• Gaining referrals
• Networking online and off
• Ditching the pitch and connecting with conversations
• The latest social media trends for business development


What’s included?

  • Recorded webinar with Chantal Brockman– Principal Trainer of Fusion Training
  • Post webinar handout including key resources
  • 30 days unlimited support


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