Winning the First Call

Wed 19th July

12pm AEST

Attend from anywhere – Computer, iOS or Android


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You’ve got the perfect prospect; the kind of client with a burning need for which you have the solution!

But you just can’t get through the door – or entice them to listen long enough to realise you are their saviour!


Sound familiar?


While it might not seem like it, those resourceful and talented Gatekeepers are not the enemy.

In fact… they are the key to winning over your prospect on the first call.


Don’t believe it?

Then come along to our Live Webinar


You’ll learn about:

  • Working with, around and beyond the gatekeeper
  • Research and information that leads to success
  • The art of the ‘BBQ Conversation’
  • Avoiding “I’m not interested” and other early objections
  • Achieving your desired outcome – in call #1


What’s included?

  • Live 1hr webinar with Chantal Brockman– Principal Trainer of Fusion Training
  • Recorded copy of the completed webinar
  • Post webinar handout including key resources and post-webinar activities


Can’t make it?
Just book a seat and we will send you the recording and all of the items listed above.

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