Change your game

Change your game

In December a lot of recruiters mentally give up for the year.  Subconsciously they shut up shop, probably stopped marketing and were basically sales hibernating for the Christmas period…


See, over many years, I have witnessed recruiters starting each new year with renewed hope…. hoping the next year will be a better one than last – for whatever reason.

But hope just doesn’t cut it, we all know the definition of insanity – right? Doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result?

So what will you do differently this year to create better results for yourself?

You may need to abandon the things you have no control or influence over.

You may need to rethink your strategy… whether you pick a niche, diversify, become more proficient with social media, increase your activities or change your activities?

The truth is… whatever you need to do or change you HAVE to have a strategy!


Every November Fusion Training runs a special webinar event aimed at helping you achieve just that.

For more information, or to view our recorded webinar from last year contact us.

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