Demand Management : The STING

Demand Management : The STING

This strategy works for fighting procrastination. Often we put something off, or undertake an activity lesser importance because deep down, we want to avoid the most important one.

This principle is called the sting method. The concept of this is to take away the sting in tasks we tend to procrastinate about.


Select one task you’ve been putting off

You might need to break it down to just one small piece if it’s complicated. For instance, if the task is writing a proposal and you need multiple sources of information, start with the 1 section that you have the information for.

Nominate an appropriate amount of time for you to work on this task

And then time yourself. Use your phone as a timer so you don’t have to watch the clock.

While the timer is ticking, ignore everything else that needs to be done.

Turn off your emails and divert your phone to voicemail – if that’s really not an option for you, ask someone in your office to monitor your calls for you.

No breaks allowed

Don’t stop until the time is up or the task is complete.

Then give yourself a reward when the task is completed.

Give it a try – and let us know how it goes!

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 Stay tuned for more Demand Management tips coming up!

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