Did you think cold calling is dead?

You may recall in my last blog ‘Is cold calling dead in recruitment’ I asked you that very same question?  The result was that this particular blog attracted a lot of attention, with some very strong views from opposing ends.  Due to the fact that I received such a high response rate to the survey, with some very valid points being highlighted,  I wanted to share the results and some of the many comments with you.

Survey results

  • Those that thought cold calling is dead are in the minority with only 11% of votes
  • 44% of those that responded thought cold calling is an essential activity
  • But just in front with 45%, were those that thought cold calling is the option when there are no other ways to connect with new clients

The conclusion is that cold calling is NOT dead but it is in desperate need of
resuscitating and this reflected in your comments:

“Only those capable and motivated to make calls of quality should cold call, otherwise wasting and further degrading the perception of the recruitment industry with clients.”

“Cold Calling is essential, however there is a difference between calling simply to achieve KPIs and calling to connect with future prospects. Cold Calling is essential, however there needs to be follow up.”

”Poor yield. Usually a pointless function of the role.”

“All calls should be target…only amateurs use the shoot and spray approach.”

”I think it’s a necessary evil. I think that it helps to have a good strategy when cold calling otherwise it can be a fruitless and frustrating exercise.”

”My most profitable and successful business relationships where made off the back of cold calling. “What is lost,” is the acquired knowledge, drive and skill to make cold calls. Once you have experienced success from cold calling it becomes relevant and easier”.

“I do not think it is an effective method with recruitment I have always maintained that farming as opposed to hunting is the most effective method. Farming can take longer to generate a return but generally that return will hold more value. Hunters win sales awards Farmers make money.”

To view all of the survey comments, you can download the full report here

I will leave my views until my next blog when I will share some alternatives to cold calling or at least how to add some heat to those cold calls.

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