Harder Better Faster More Productive

Harder Better Faster More Productive

Tightrope time management

Recruiters belong in the circus.

And no, not as the clowns (unless it’s half past knock-off time Friday arvo). We’re the tightrope walkers: balancing quality, quantity and urgency whilst juggling business development in order to please a varied and demanding audience.

To master the craft, we need to develop high level skills in Demand Management. This is affectionately known as Time Management in many circles but the thing is, we can’t manage time. It ticks around 24 hours a day whether we manage it or not. It’s the DEMANDS on our time that we need to manage.

Managing demands on a recruitment desk is certainly one of our greatest challenges – but also one of the most rewarding. I don’t think any of us would be really that happy in a job where the pace was slow and regular, every task expected and neatly planned out. I know that for me, a day like that would feel awfully long.

But even if we love the thrill of a fast paced, ever changing work day – we have to make sure it doesn’t get on top of us.

Find the Strategy That’s Right for You

The important thing to understand, is that we all work different desks with different candidates and clients who each have different demands. And even more importantly, we all function differently as people so there’s never going to be a singular technique that is going to work for everybody.

What you need to do, is review a number of different strategies and implement the one that feels most in alignment with you, how you work and what your desk requires. Then, see how it goes.

Not so well? Try another.

In the coming weeks we’ll be sharing our favourite tips, tools, techniques and strategies for managing the demands on your time and boosting your productivity in the circus that is recruitment.

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