How much is your time worth?

If you’re not billing the amount you’d like, need or want to, ask yourself…

“Am I working like someone who bills $X thousand a year… someone who makes roughly $Y every hour of the day?”

Are you valuing your time at that level?
(If not, who will?)

Yearly billings of $250,000 is equivalent to an average hourly rate of $139 per hour
$500,000  = $278 per hour
$750,000  =  $417 per hour
A million dollar biller?  You’re looking at $555 per hour!

Now you might look at these figures and think its small fry compared to your placement fees but remember this is every hour, on the hour.

Or, you may be thinking that it’s a high hourly rate to be achieved on a consistent basis?

Either way, my point here, is that your time is precious and every moment you spend can have a huge impact on whether you have an average year, a great year or the best year you’ve ever had.

The thing with time is we all have the same amount of it.  Same days in a month, hours in a day, and minutes in an hour for everyone. It just seems to work better for some than others.

High performers apply sound time management skills and optimise their efforts to ensure that they concentrate as much of their time and energy as possible on the high payoff tasks. This ensures that they achieve the greatest benefit possible with the limited amount of time available to them.

Here are 10 tips to organise your ‘sales’ time for maximum return:

  1. Organise your day around the sales optimum hours – the hours when you can and should be talking with prospects and clients
  2. Handle non-revenue generating activities before or after the sales optimum hours
  3. Dedicate a certain percentage of sales optimum hours to prospecting-only time
  4. To increase the probability of reaching prospects, vary the time of day you prospect
  5. Queue up and standardise your frequently used follow-up emails and communications for easy production and distribution
  6. Document follow-up activity immediately – don’t plan to do it later
  7. Understand and track your sales stats so you can plan effectively
  8. Dedicate an amount of extra time to each sales day (10 extra minutes each sales day adds one extra sales week to your year)
  9. Make one extra call a day – it’s more than 225 extra contacts in a year
  10. ALWAYS be outcome focused – avoid low return activities


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