How Procrastinating Will Find You Awesome Clients

How Procrastinating Will Find You Awesome Clients

How Procrastinating Will

Find You Awesome Clients


What do you do when you sit down at your desk?

Ease into things by checking out your favourite news site? Perhaps a bit of LinkedIn? Twitter, Facebook…

While it might seem like a bad habit – procrastinating can work wonders for your prospecting!

Yes, even those cheeky scrolls through Facebook when you know you really should be doing something else.


Why? How? Tell me more so that I can tell my boss!

Social media and news sites are some of the very best sources for identifying “we need to hire new staff” triggers. Indications that a company needs you and is ripe for the picking.


Here are some of the biggest triggers to look out for:

  • Change in Management
  • Financial growth – but also loss
  • Expansions: size or new markets
  • Relocations
  • New projects and tender wins
  • Funding and Grants
  • Acquisitions, Mergers and Restructures
  • Industry-wide challenges
  • Changes to legislation
  • Reported skills shortages
  • Seasonal events


Think about how all of these events can affect recruitment:

  • will they need more people?
  • will they need more temporary staff for a short period?
  • will they need to hire an external agency to ensure compliance?
  • will relationships with recruitment agencies be changing? Out with old, in with the new? Or perhaps out with the in-house team, in with more economical external providers?
  • what affect do these triggers have on Preferred Supplier Agreements?
  • financial loss can be a deceptively good sign for us: often when money is tight, the headcount for permanent staff is frozen, paving the way for us to assist them with contract staff until the freeze is over

There are many more triggers to look out for, and many more reasons to get into contact.


To build a great list of quality targets, you’ve got to be scanning for triggers every day.

So take time out of your busy schedule to do all those “naughty” procrastination activities.

Train your mind to search every news article, blog and post for all the tiny indicators of recruitment needs in waiting.


We’ve even written you a note for you boss, to excuse you from work for important procrastination duties!

(print your note here)

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