Is Cold Calling Dead in Recruitment?

Is Cold Calling Dead in Recruitment?

Perhaps an odd question coming from a sales trainer?  But I’ve been asking myself that very same question for some time now…  As a result I embarked on my own journey of research to see if I can come to some conclusions, which will ultimately shape the way we train and coach recruiters in the future.

Yes recruitment is an activity based job but poor quality activities will yield poor quality results, lower morale, demotivated staff and potentially alienated clients!

When you take a look at successful recruiters they have a strategy that goes way beyond just hitting the phones and seeing what sticks.

In Seth Godin’s book Permission Marketing, he talks about Interruption Marketing versus Permission Marketing. Interruption Marketing is traditional advertising that interrupts your day in an attempt to get your attention and sell you something. In other words, it’s the marketing equivalent of Cold Calling. Permission Marketing is systematically getting prospects to give you permission to present to them. Because metaphors are such a great way of making a point, here’s one from his book. For our purposes here, I’ve taken the liberty of replacing the words “Interruption Marketer” with “Recruiter”:

The Two Ways To Get Married:
The Recruiter buys an extremely expensive suit. New shoes. Fashionable accessories. Then, working with the best database and marketing strategists, selects the demographically ideal singles bar. Walking into the singles bar, the Recruiter marches up to the nearest person and proposes marriage. If turned down, the Recruiter repeats this process on every person in the bar. If the Recruiter comes up empty-handed after spending the entire evening proposing, it is obvious that the blame should be placed on the suit and the shoes. The tailor is fired. The strategy expert who picked the bar is fired. And the Recruiter tries again at a different singles bar.

Are you getting the point he tries to make in that story, and how it relates to us? Think about it. A Recruiter could spends hours, days, and weeks cold calling with poor results.

But wait!! I hear you say ‘what about new recruits starting a new desk’, or ‘new offices or divisions opening up’ or the myriad of other reasons why this has always worked for us – cold calling is essential to building these, right??  That’s the same thing that pops into my mind when I start to consider that cold calling is dead but I have been in the game for a long time and I’m trying to not allow myself to be trapped in all of our old ways…. It begs the question do we need to evolve with our sales approach and if cold calling is largely a thing of the past, what can we do instead that will yield a better return on investment of our time?

I thought  it would be of value to all of our readers if we find out what your thoughts are on the future of cold calling in recruitment?

There are just 2 questions in the survey (it will take no more than 30 seconds) and I will share the general consensus in my next newsletter

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I have come to my conclusions and in my next newsletter I will share some alternatives to cold calling or at least how to add some heat to those cold calls!

To be continued…..


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