$178.00 $89.00

Two Webinars

Leading the Process: Candidates and Clients

Gain control and save more placements by leading your clients and candidates through a process managed by you, on your terms.


Leading the Candidate Process – Candidates and Clients

In these two webinars, we gain control over our process through:

  • Understanding why placements fall over
  • Identifying viable candidates and clients
  • Mastering the job order
  • Building relationships with trust
  • Managing expectations
  • Spotting the warning signs
  • Gaining commitment


What’s included?

  • Recordings of TWO webinars with Chantal Brockman– Principal Trainer of Fusion Training
  • Webinar handouts including key resources and post-webinar activities


Watch one, watch both, have your colleague attend one while you attend the other… it’s up to you.


Leading the Candidate Process – Candidates and Clients