Webinar Recording –  Cultivating a Recruitment Sales Mindset

Combat that little voice that creates call reluctance, low motivation, lack of focus and negativity.

Re-train your brain for sales success!

Cultivating a Recruitment Sales Mindset

In this webinar you’ll discover:
• Characteristics of high performing recruiters
• True drivers of success
• The balance of Skill vs Mindset
• How your brain deletes, distorts and generalises

You’ll achieve breakthrough sales results through our six cornerstones of success:
• Self-critical analysis
• Identifying problematic thinking patterns
• Conditioning new patterns
• Resilience building techniques
• Preparing your goals
• A 21 day New Thinking Plan!


Run time : 48min

Included : slides and handout, including a 6-Step activity guide for gaining sales success.

Support : 30 days unlimited support from your trainer

Cultivating a Recruitment Sales Mindset