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The Recruiters Foundation Course: Self-Paced

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The Recruiters Foundation Course consists of five interactive distance learning modules:

1. The Company Experience
2. The Industry Experience
3. The Candidate Experience
4. The Client Experience
5. The Sales Experience

Find out more on page 2 of our course brochure here


How does it work?

  • You will progress through each module within the online platform, at your own pace.
  • Each module contains a workbook that you can print out and use to take notes and complete assessment tasks.
  • There are recorded webinars to help consolidate the learning.
  • You will then submit your assessment items to the trainer for review.


Interaction with the Trainer

One-on-one live webinar with your trainer at the beginning of your course and again once you have completed it. After booking the course you will have access to an online calendar to reserve a session with the trainer on a day and time that suits you.

Written feedback from your trainer after you have completed each module and submitted your assessments. Feedback will also be shared with your manager.

If you have any questions, your trainer will be available to you by email or phone at any time throughout the course. If your trainer is unavailable for immediate consultation, they will get back to you within a maximum 24 hour response time. Your trainer is also available for any questions or advice required by your manager.


What if I prefer more coaching and interaction with the trainer?

Our most popular option for The Recruiters Foundation Course features live, personalised webinars with the trainer each fortnight (7 in total). This allows for  more in-depth discussion about the coursework and how it relates personally to the work that you are doing in your specific role and the experiences you are currently having. It is a scheduled course running for 12 weeks – more information can be found here: The Recruiters Foundation Course


What are the payment options?

This self-paced course is available for an up-front payment of $999.00, via Credit Card, Paypal or Bank Transfer.

Our scheduled Recruiters Foundation Course mentioned above is $99 a week for the duration of the 12 week course. However you can cancel the payments at any time if you wish to discontinue the course for any reason.


I still have questions

Please contact us on 04 3024 1199 or email info@fusiontraining.com.au


The Recruiters Foundation Course: Self-Paced