Rookie to Rockstar in 3 Steps

Rookie to Rockstar in 3 Steps

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In a previous blog, we revealed a magic trick for finding your next recruitment superstar. Not unlike the method behind Australia’s Got Talent, the finalists of our show come from an amazingly broad background, many of which you wouldn’t immediately connect with fame and fortune.

The question to be asked, then, is how do I create a Rock Star from my Rookie Recruit?

There are 3 things you need to do:

  • Set them up to win

Hiring new people is expensive – and the longer they spend not selling, the more expensive the hire becomes. So get them on-stage ASAP! .. right?

Welllll… it may appear that way at first. But how successful do you think any person can be when they don’t truly understand the product, service or the industry they represent?

A proper induction is essential for getting a foothold in this marvellous industry of ours, and that marvellous company of yours. Set them up NOW, with a full understanding of your company, the nuances of our industry, the funny ways of your candidates and clients – and you’ll have a rock(star) solid base to build on.

  • Share the love

Ever watched a young child following their older sibling around, gleefully launching into whatever activity the older child is taking joy from?

You need to be the big kid at playtime; sharing your love of the game, and demonstrating why your toys are so much fun. (Singstar, anyone?)

When you love your job, you do it well. And when you do your job well, you love your job.

  • Give them opportunities to grow

Your rookie is on their way to being Australia’s Next Top Biller – but the journey is only just beginning. Like any adventure, we need to know where we’re going. Find out what drives them – not everyone is chasing a place on the world stage, big bucks or a role in management. Show them a clear pathway for career progression that matches their talent and truly motivates them.

Then provide the support to get there. “I’ll just show them what they need to know” simply won’t cut it. To get the moves like Jagger you need a well-rounded training approach including designated coaching & mentoring, structured formal learning, as well as your informal, learn-as-you-go approach.

Continue with this approach and not only will your green recruiter turn to gold – but they will stay with your record label hit after hit after hit.

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