Time to celebrate, reflect and make a sales plan

The reality is that most people work way too hard these days. For many recruiters it is a real luxury to spend time reflecting and planning, but it is a real necessity. We need to feel some measure of progress to reinforce the fact that we are “getting there”, wherever “there” may be for you. We need to put some perspective around the year behind us, and we need to start 2013 a little smarter than we left 2012.

Use this time to clarify a few things, look back on the year and figure out what you did that you’re really proud of?  What were your greatest achievements throughout last year? Who did you help? How did you make the industry better in some way? How have you grown as a recruiter? These are our highlights and we all need to give ourselves a pat on the back for a job well done.

Also think about the things you didn’t do so well, not to beat yourself up, but so you have something to improve on in the coming year. Ask questions along the lines of what you could have done better?  What are the things that I didn’t get done? What decisions did I make that weren’t very good decisions? What are the things I shouldn’t have done?

Then make a short list of what you have learnt from the previous year. This covers the good and the not so good, in all aspects of life. This helps to learn from mistakes and at the same time it reminds you to celebrate your victories, two things that we often don’t do enough of.

Once you have completed your reflecting and learning, spend some time visualising the year ahead. Ask yourself, how do I want 2013 to look for me? What do I want to achieve in all aspects of your role? What am I going to do to help and add value to others? What are my big goals? What are my small goals? What types of clients and candidates do I want to work with? What are the skills I want to learn or improve?

But most of all now is the time to get excited about the future and if you haven’t already… to make plans, to set goals, to figure out how you are going to achieve these goals and to get fired up.

This might sound simple but putting it all together takes some thought and time and we’ve already discussed this is often viewed as a luxury to most recruiters. To assist you with this we have a created a guided handout that will allow you to conduct a reflection and planning exercise.

If you’d like more information on goal setting why not email us, we are always happy to help.

Here’s to a year of great successes!

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