What are your job fill ratios?

What are your job fill ratios?

A couple of years ago I remember reading one of *Greg Savage’s Blogs called ”15 sure signs your ‘client’ does not take you seriously” and coincidentally I was about to run a client management training course the week after.  I contacted Greg and asked if he would mind if I used this self-scoring list of questions, he kindly agreed (only if it was referenced of course).

Which I did and the exercise was a total flop!

Why?  Because everyone scored themselves fairly high and in their eyes they were ‘trusted advisors’ or ‘partners’.  In fact, I made an awkward joke that they may as well all go now as my work was done.

All that aside….. the really interesting observation was as the day unfolded I soon discovered that the perceptions that the group had and the reality of their performance were 2 different things.

To uncover these observations, here are just a few things that we looked at:

  • Typical job fill ratios
  • Classification of assignments eg. highly contingent, exclusive etc.
  • Analysis of the ‘reasons’ placements fell over
  • The amount of information they were given (or even felt they needed) to ensure the viability of the role and the client
  • Frequency and depth of ‘meaningful’ communication during the recruitment process

Working through these types of exercises allows you to objectively look at the ‘gaps’ in the process – whether this be knowledge, skill or the process itself.

If highly contingent roles and low job fill ratios are affecting your success, I’d invite you to complete such a task for yourself.  Here you will find an exercise that will guide you through the process of analysing your job fill ratios and key factors that attribute to success or failure.

*Source: Greg Savage Blog: 15 sure signs your ‘client’ does not take you seriously


I hope you enjoy this edition and if there is someone within your organisation or network that you think may benefit from this information, please feel free to share this blog so that they can subscribe if they wish.


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