Your elevator pitch isn’t working – try this instead

Your elevator pitch isn’t working – try this instead

“You’re in an elevator, you’ve got 30 seconds to give the prospect an understanding of who you are, what you do and how it could benefit them.”


*cue eyes glazing over

30 seconds is a long time to listen to someone you’ve just met go on and on about themselves.

If you really want to get someone intrigued and interested in your service right from the start, try this instead.

Give them a teaser. Not the full-length trailer.

A short riddle that will compel them to ask WHY or HOW or TELL ME MORE.

“Nice to meet you Jane. So what do you do?”

  • “I find needles in haystacks”
  • “I’m shaking up the jobs business”
  • “I connect people with their future”
  • “I’m reminding a stagnant industry what it’s all about”
  • “I’m taking the bullsh** out of recruitment”

A short punchy phrase like any of those above just begs for more information.

And when you get asked “How is that?” you can talk about what you do, to a person who is already genuinely interested.

Makes your job of winning them over a whole lot easier, right?

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